Our Cogepa story

From a fully independent paper and board merchant in Europe and overseas to a service center and logistic partner for paper an board mills and marchants

About us

André de Cock de Rameyen founded Cogepa in 1931. Cogepa was an independent paper supplier and was located in the middle of the city of Antwerp. After the war 40/45 Cogepa became agent for Scandinavian paper mills that produced Newspaper.



In the sixties Cogepa bought a sheeter and started to transform paper. This gave Cogepa the possibility to supply his customers much faster than the factories.
In 1968 The youngest son of André joint Cogepa. Damien de cock de Rameyen, he was 26 at that time.

As the activities were growing, Cogepa decided to leave the city of Antwerp and to build a new factory in Ranst.

In the next few years Cogepa bought slitters / rewinders next to his sheeters. This was a fast-growing business and Cogepa quickly needed to expand the new factory. In 1995 Cogepa stopped his collaboration with the Scandinavian factories and focused on the converting and world-wide trading of paper / board & specialties.

Today Cogepa is acting as an independent service center and logistic partner for paper and board mills and marchants.