About Cogepa Belgium

Antwerp Service center

Who we are

Since 1931 COGEPA operates as a fully independant paper and board merchant in Europe and oversea.

Due to large stocks of paper & board Cogepa can offer solutions for various situations.

Ideally located

In the middle of Europe near Antwerp (port) from where every destination can be deserved on short notice. Contact us for more information.

Logistic Partner

With large warehouse facilities Cogepa can support you for all your logistic needs.

Dapa converting

Dapa converting is run like a fully independent service company that is offering his services to Paper & Board Mills, Packaging manufacturers, and Printers.

Dapa converting is equipped with warehouse facilities, and converting facilities for slitting, cutting, rewinding, and sheeting. Click here to learn more.

Cogepa services

How we can support your business.

DAPA Converting

Cutting, rewinding, diameter resizing, core changing, pallet turning, coiling service, special demands, etc.
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We are fully equipped to sheet and palletise paper & board up to 600 grams/ square meter.
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With our diverse machinery park and experience we decided to create some logistic packaging products.
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Container loading

We prepare and load containers, reels/pallets for independent paper and board merchants.
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Cogepa Logistics

With more than 5000 square meters and special equipped forklifts we can handle every reels or pallets.
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Quality Assurance

Our long experience and well trained personal makes our capable to give you the highest possible quality.
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Discover our specialities

Our tailor made products.

Worldwide reach

We are ideally located. In the middle of Europe near Antwerp (port) from where every destination can be deserved on short notice. Contact us for more information.

Experiencing last minutes emergencies?

Looking for a quick solution? We have large stocks of paper and board that we can deliver to your specifications.