DAPA Converting

Our services: what we do 

Cogepa is able to deliver the right quality on required specification just in time.

We have brought all our machinery and workforce under Dapa Converting. As the converting/sheeting business did grow a lot over the last years we decided to separate it from our commercial activities.

Today Dapa converting is run like a fully independent service company that is offering his services to Paper Mills, Packaging manufacturers, Printers, and Cogepa.

We have noticed that is not what we did but the way of doing business that has changed over the last years. In the past Cogepa bought the paper, transformed it, and sold it again. Today we can see that a lot of paper we convert stays property of our clients. In other words, we deliver a service.

Next to the classical services that we offer we manage to do a lot of EMERGENCY jobs. What we mean with emergency jobs is that for example a paper mill has delivered an order to a printer, but it has been done on the wrong core size.

The second problem is that the printers need it in the next 48 hours. It is not a problem for Dapa Converting because thanks to our flexible day to day planning and own trucks we manage to accomplish the job in the right timing.

Because of our well organised machinery park we are able to accept reels from width of 2800 mm up to 6 tons, and are able to deliver reels of a minimum width of 50 mm.
For sheeting we can accept reels from width 1700 mm with a diameter of 1200 mm.

Our Strengths

  • Day to day planning
  • Own trucking
  • Variety of machinery
  • Problem solving
  • Experience
  • Quality control
  • Tailor cut

Examples of jobs

  • Change of diameter
  • Change of winding direction
  • Core changing
  • Repacking
  • Sheeting
  • Pallet turning
  • Resizing already sheeted pallets
  • Replacing a damaged or crushed core
  • Production of multiple webs
    (down to 50mm reel width)


Slitting-Rewinding Specifications:

Min.width input: 100 mm
Max.width input : 2800 mm
Min.width output: 50 mm
Max.width output: 2600 mm
Max.diameter : 1500 mm
Max.weight reel: 6000 KG


Sheeting specifications:

Max. working width: 2400mm
Min. sheet size: 400mm x 400mm
Max. sheet size: 2400mm x 1750mm
Max. pallet height: 1600mm
Max. unwind reel diam.: 2000mm
Substances 40gr-600gr
Decurling devices

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us or fill in the form below!
I’m sure we will find a tailor cut solution for you.